Wednesday, March 3, 2010

18 Weeks

Mt. Hood, Oregon

This week was pretty exciting. Bill and I took our little baby moon to Portland. Things didn't really go as planned as we were suppose to stay on the beach, but a storm rolled in and Portland was our back-up plan. It ended up still being fun and relaxing. We ate Chipotle every day we were there, and got some to take home. Kind of sad that we really only ate at one restaurant but we couldn't help ourselves. We did stop at this little sushi place that basically had a constant moving river of freshly made sushi on little plates that you just pick up and eat. It was really different and neat to see, of course I couldn't really eat much of it, I had a shrimp tempura roll but that was about it. Bill did get to try a couple new things though and it was fun.

We really enjoyed our time together as just the two of us and when we got back home, Bill still had a couple of days off. The weather here was great and we spent some time cleaning the vehicles and playing outside with the pups.
He is getting ready to deploy again any day now and the past few days together went by way too fast. I am guessing I will be really big when he gets home, but for now, here is my baby bump...
I felt a lot of movement starting this week which has just been really exciting and very strange at the same time. I love feeling this little baby move around but it is a very bizarre feeling. I can't wait until Bill can feel the baby too.

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  1. Yeah feeling them move is really bizarre at first, but then you get used to it and you wait for it all day. Hannah kicks and moves like crazy now, sometimes I yell "ow" cause its hard and scares me.