Friday, January 28, 2011

The big SIX months old!

Ok well really it isn't "the big one", but it feels like a big milestone. Six months ago Bradley was born and is seems like just yesterday we were waiting for his arrival. Why does this precious time go by so fast?

So Bradley is six months old and he now weighs 19 pounds and 11 ounces! He has doubled his birth weight plus a few pounds! He is so vocal now and is really learning how to communicate with us. I can tell when he is "saying" I am hungry, and even the difference between hungry for food and hungry for milk. We even think he has been saying mom or mama, but mostly when he is crying for something.

We starting giving him fruits and vegetables about one weeks before he turned 6 months and he did great! He was so happy to be eating "real" food again and he loved all of the different flavors!

Then about a few days later we started to introduce cereal again for something more substaintial to keep him feeling satisfied. Finally it didn't make his belly upset, so now he is eating a little bit of cereal and then a good serving of either a fruit or a veggie. Believe it or not his favorites are peas and bananas! Of course the bananas are every kids favorite but peas, really? Good boy! The bananas are a special treat because they cause a bit of an, umm, issue if you know what I mean.

He is rolling over but hasn't been getting around the house yet. He sits up very well and loves bouncing in his bouncer, and bouncing on anything for that matter. He would rather be standing or bouncing than sitting or laying on the floor. He is very active for someone who isn't even mobile yet.
He is such a happy baby and so much fun to watch grow!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Months Old!

I am sure I will keep saying this every month, but I can not believe that Bradley is 5 months old! He sure is developing quite a personality and a little more of it shows every day. He has a bit of a temper, if he drops a toy and can't reach it, he will let you know. Of course he still lets you know if he is hungry as well. We started him on cereal right at about 5 months old, but after a few days of extremely painful gas and one unhappy baby we had to put the solids on hold. The doctor said that his belly just might not be ready. So we will try again in a couple of weeks after his Doctor's appointment. He loved eating from the spoon though, and would get so excited. So I hope we can start again very soon!

He also rolled over a couple of weeks ago, and has rolled over a couple of times since then. He is starting to almost like tummy time, so that is making it a lot easier to get him to start rolling over more often. We practice sitting up too, he does pretty well but falls back a lot.

We are having so much fun with him and love watching his new skills develop every day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting Santa for the first time!

It was a success! Bradley was having a great day so we thought it was the perfect time to meet Santa. He was so happy but overwhelmed at everyone walking by and all the other things around him that it took a little while to get him to look straight at the camera. But we did it and this picture is just priceless...well actually it was like $30 ha! But it was worth way more!

We are so excited for Bradley's first Christmas. He won't remember it, but hopefully he will have a fun day and we will get some great photos to show him when he is older.