Sunday, March 7, 2010

19 Weeks

So no need to tell me, I am not even half way done and I know my face is fat already. I always gain weight in my face first so I don't think my chubby cheeks or double chin are going anywhere, but I look forward to losing the weight there first as well. Fingers crossed.

I feel like my belly is growing rapidly now, I can actually feel my stomach stretching and I have been lathering on the cocoa butter in hopes that it actually works.
I was busy this week baking and decorating cakes. It has actually helped keep my mind off of Bill leaving soon and I hope I have a lot of orders while he is gone to keep me busy then as well.
So this is my St. Patrick's Day cake for the OSC auction that was on Friday. I got the news that it sold for $75, so I was pretty happy with that.
I also made these Petit Fours for my friend Gretchen's daughter, Whitleigh's 3rd birthday Tea party that was today. They did not turn out as easy or pretty as I was envisioning, but I hope Whitleigh loved them and if so, that is all that matters. And I learned a lot from making them as well.
The next update will be very soon as this week will be very exciting with our ultrasound and the delivery of our baby furniture, yet a little sad with the normal military life stuff...


  1. I love the Petit Fours. Were you able to taste any. Wish you were coming to Pepper's shower and make them. Can't wait to see the ultra sound pictures and a picture of the furniture.

  2. Petit Fours are so hard to make. I have tried a few times and think they are for the professional pastry chef's to make. It is so hard to drizzle and cover everything, then when you dip them, they tip over. It can be a nightmare. Yours look really amazing though. You are really getting good!

  3. WOW your cake and little petit flowers look amazing.

    And don't worry about gaining weight. It will go away soon enough.