Sunday, February 21, 2010

17 weeks

Here are a couple pictures of the baby bump at 17 weeks. And it might not look very big but trust me, it is! I have gained about 11 pounds and although it might look like it is all in my face in these pictures, a lot of it is actually from the baby!
Picture number one...standing normally...
And picture number two...letting it alllll hang out!

I also think it is kind of funny that the little counter thing says the baby is the size of an onion right now because I still do not like onions at the moment! I am going with, it is the size of a potato!
Our next appointment is on Tuesday. Just a standard check everything out, but we are excited to hear the heartbeat. Then the big ultrasound is on the 8th! And No, we are still not going to find out what it is, sorry moms! Nothing really exciting this month, I do think I have felt this little piggy moving but it hasn't been like a definite kick or roll or anything. I can't wait though!


  1. Its definitely hard to feel it move early on, I didn't really feel her until like 24 weeks or something, now I can really tell its her cause she kicks and squirms and plays like ping pong with my stomach, its really weird but definitely cool.

  2. A whole eleven pounds and only 17 weeks. The weight does look good on you though.