Sunday, November 21, 2010

4 Months Old!

Bradley is now four months old and he is really developing his own personality. He knows when you leave the room now and he does not like it! So even though he has his bouncy seat, bumbo seat, swing, activity gym and his infant seat as well, he only like to be in them while he can see you. Needless to say, this made moving in and unpacking a little more challenging. But we did it and Bradley has now officially been through his first, of many, moves.

He has been talking even more then last month and he also is using his hands a lot more. When his hands aren't in his mouth he is holding toys, shaking rattles and attempting to hold his bottle.

He recently had his four month check up here at Seymour and he weighed 16 pounds! We have a butterball just in time for Thanksgiving! He also had his second set of shots, which of course was not fun for anyone! He cried for only a minute again though and stopped as soon as daddy picked him up.

We look forward to the next few months as he will start eating fun foods, sitting up on his own and will be mobile before we know it!

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